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We're excited to announce the upcoming introduction of Glaminis®

GLADS, You asked!

We’re excited to announce the upcoming introduction of Glaminis® to the US Fresh Cut Flower Market!

The Story
In Mid-October Dutchess Bouquets will introduce their newest, beautiful, versatile line of Glaminis® in six different colors.

Why Now?
In the current stay at home economy, there is a strong need to beautify our indoors, and Glaminis® are great line flowers for arranging in smaller vases and smaller places.

The Scoop
  • Glaminis® are shorter Gladiolus with more blooms per spike
  • New genetic characteristics from a smaller bulb, offers maximum stem length of 65 cm.
  • Glaminis® have a longer vase life than a regular gladiolus
  • They are longer lasting, and hold better in transit, (10-14 days before the blooms begin to open.
  • Easy to arrange in smaller vases.

Tell me More
We’d love to! Our account managers will be following up with additional product information and pricing, and to schedule a sample for mid October delivery. If you can’t wait, fell free to contact us. or (888)743-7888 ext. 102.