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Inspiring lifestyles one bouquet at a time.


We are associated with one of the worlds, oldest, experienced and well established breeders, we offer our customers new to market varieties that allow them to keep customers coming back for this traditional long lasting and high value flower variety.


Roses are the Crown Jewel of our collection. With over 30 years experience in the cultivation of roses, we offer our customers premium, new varieties, including variegated, and bi-color varieties, as well as the beautiful Russian - Cut Majestic Rose.

Consumer Bunches

Our partner farms in Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico Peru and the Dominican Republic, allow us to offer our customers a vast array of products, to fill displays with rainbows of happiness.

We’re excited to introduce our of Glaminis® Collection

GLADS, You asked!

In Mid-October Dutchess Bouquets will introduce their newest, beautiful, versatile line of Glaminis®  in six different colors.  

Why Now? In the current stay at home economy, there is a strong need to beautify our indoors, and Glaminis® are great line flowers for arranging in smaller vases and smaller places.

The Scoop
  • Glaminis® are shorter Gladiolus with more blooms per spike
  • New genetic characteristics from a smaller bulb, offers maximum stem length of 65 cm.
  • Glaminis® have a longer vase life than a regular gladiolus
  • They are longer lasting, and hold better in transit, (10-14 days before the blooms begin to open.
  • Easy to arrange in smaller vases.

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